All of Us Are Dead: B+

All of Us Are Dead: B+

Guest Starring Kingdom: A

There's nothing better than a good zombie show - and there's nothing worse than most zombie shows. South Korea is way ahead of the curve with two excellent zombie shows: first Kingdom and now All of Us Are Dead, both on Netflix (and of course there's also the enjoyable Train to Busan).

While Kingdom is set in feudal Korea and All Dead in a modern-day high school, the two share a number of winning qualities: the stories and the portrayals of the zombies are fresh, there's a great mix of action and drama, and perhaps most importantly the characters are neither idiotic nor oblivious.

Kingdom is superb while All Dead is one click down from that - it's "very good". Kingdom adds a rich layer of compelling political intrigue - a la Game of Thrones - and it's very tight and focused, coming in at only 6 episodes per season.

In contrast, the 12 long episodes of All Dead definitely have a fair amount of "filler" content mixed in - wild goose chases, multiple indecisive battles with the same antagonists, and too much pointless screen time spent on certain characters. In addition it has some underdeveloped military-political aspects they could have done more with.

Those are small gripes; it's absolutely worth watching. It offers some of the best zombie action I've ever seen, great characters, great drama, a legitimately intense climax, and a surprisingly poignant finale. Really good.