Army Bros: Alien Outpost (C+)

Set in the more-distant-than-it feels future of 2031 (where apparently we're using the same army uniforms, weapons, and vehicles as today), Alien Outpost is an unsubtle allegory about soldiers in "post-war" Iraq. Largely a "day in the life" pseudo-documentary about army base life, Alien Outpost slowly develops some reasonably interesting plot threads before bringing events to head with a fairly typical showdown.

Alien Output is quite decent overall and certainly undeserving of the low scores it's getting on IMDB and iTunes - I've seen much, much worse that was rated higher. Still, it lacks the breadth and depth that I would hope for in a mainstream film. It tries for gritty realism but it comes off as more imitation than insight. To make matters worse, there are several confusing plot points and several lame "Captain Obvious" lines of explanatory dialog.

All in all not a bad film to catch for a sci-fi fan. Just not very memorable either.