Dracula (2020 Netflix): B-

Dracula (2020 Netflix): B-

Dracula is a mixed bag.

The Good

It's definitely a fresh take on the old story and it contributes some interesting new ideas to the evolving mythos. It has the signature mysterious feel and mind-bending twists of series co-creator Steven Moffat (Sherlock, Doctor Who). The lead heroine, Sister Agatha, is a great, memorable character. There are some genuinely creepy and borderline horrifying moments. Each of the three movie-length episodes composes a unique part of an epic tale. And finally, in keeping with its fresh take on things, the ending is bold and, for my money, satisfying.

The Bad

Dracula suffers from two serious flaws in my opinion. The first is that the titular main character is very two-dimensional. Dracula is portrayed as a wearisome stereotypical psychopath who toys with his victims with smug intellectual banter and an endless supply of dining innuendos ("I don't drink... wine," "I'm afraid I already have dinner plans," etc.). I would have liked to have seen an entirely different approach to his character.

The second is that at most 3 hours of content has been stretched into 4½. There are long stretches of Episodes 2 & 3 in particular that could easily be condensed, where we're just watching Dracula toy with various victims without any real suspense or drama.

Bottom Line

Still worth watching, especially to appreciate the character of Sister Agnes. Just don't be afraid to hit fast-forward when it starts seeming like a scene has already lasted for a little too long.