Inside Man (Netflix 2022): DNF

Inside Man (Netflix 2022): DNF

Our story begins with a young punk boarding a moderately crowded train. He puts his crotch near a young woman's face and makes lewd comments. Everyone studiously ignores the situation except for another young woman who films the guy's actions on her phone.

The punk notices the second young woman and shifts his attention to her. He demands that she give him her phone. She does, terrified, and he deletes the video while trash-talking her. Everyone sits by impassively.

That was it for me. I quit watching, disgusted with the Bully Porn. I imagine I was seconds or minutes away from seeing a main character intercede out of nowhere, but the damage to my willingness to watch had already been done.

The bully was over-the-top, as was the apathetic audience in its own way. The show makes us stew in this contrived bleak scenario for several minutes without a hint of a likable character, and I quickly had my fill.

With some small tweaks the same scene could have been made much more compelling. Let the camera follow the main character to start with and let us watch with them as they see the bully board the train and begin to harass a passenger. Does the main character swiftly move to aid or does it take them some time to build up their resolve? Either way would be more interesting and instructive.

A friend watched the entire show and it sounds like I didn't miss much: just more highly contrived situations and implausible reactions.