The Flight Attendant (Season 2): D

The Flight Attendant (Season 2): D

Well that deescalated quickly!

I had just finished watching Season 1 and loved it:

The Flight Attendant (Season 1): A
Cassie (Kaley Cuoco, Big Bang Theory) spends a wild night in Thailand with a guy she just met, gets blackout drunk, and then wakes up in the morning beside his body - he’s been murdered. Fearing wrongful incarceration in a foreign country, she makes the terrible choice of fleeing the

I started Season 2 with high hopes. I felt like it couldn't possibly be as good as Season 1 without throwing away Cassie's character growth so I was prepared to cut it some slack, but I was not prepared for it to totally suck ass.

Ironically, preserving Cassie's character growth and building on it was the one thing they did a good job with in Season 2 (or what I saw of it). It's just everything else that's the problem. I made it through 2½ episodes and then called it quits. The first episode was decent, but the next one-and-a-half were lackluster and tedious.

The first problem is that the show totally destroys most of the characters it had carefully crafted in Season 1. Same actors, same character names, but very different personalities. As one example, Cassie's best friend Annie was very cool, collected, and professional lawyer in Season 1. In Season 2 she's just as ditzy as Cassie, totally bombing a law firm interview by talking about making threatening phone calls, arson being a cheaper solution if you can get away with it, and paying large sums of money for people to look the other way - and each time she'll realize she's said too much and get flustered. Oopsie! That's just not Annie's character, none of that is. It's farcical and ludicrous. Similar problems exist with Annie's boyfriend, Cassie's brother, and Cassie's work acquaintances.

The second problem is that there's no dramatic tension. There's a possible bad guy floating around but we don't really know what's up. A View-Master photo viewer mysteriously shows up in Cassie's luggage with a cryptic photo wheel. Cassie suspects the photos may be from the bad guy, so her friends are helping her decipher the meaning of the photos - apparently at a rate of one photo deciphered per episode. Meanwhile Cassie's friend Megan - a total Plain Jane older lady who's now in trouble in a different country - sends her son a Snapchat (?!!) with cryptic emoji (?!!) and asks him to forward it (?!!) to Cassie, so then we burn about 5 minutes on Cassie deciphering the emoji. What is all this shit?! Nebulous bad guy, weird-ass sophomoric clues... and I highly doubt they end up explaining to my satisfaction how the bad guy manufactured a custom View-Master photo wheel. Point is, throughout the first 2.5 episodes there are no pressing concerns, no piqued interest awaiting satisfaction, no plans in motion. It's "wait for Cassie to decode the emoji" and that will give her something to do. It's "wait for Cassie's friends to decode another View-Master photo" and that will give Cassie something else to do.

The third and final problem is that the runtime is jam-packed with inane banter amongst the characters. It's not terrible banter, but there's just nothing else going on so it gets pretty tedious.

I still totally recommend Season 1. It's a complete story on its own so in my opinion just watch that and call it quits.