Vampire Academy: B

Vampire Academy

In a nutshell Vampire Academy is Veronica Mars meets Gossip Girl - with fangs. It's the story of two best friends - the charismatic, compassionate aristocrat Lissa and her savvy, tough bodyguard Rose - along with social intrigue, drama, action, and mystery at St. Vladimir's Academy.

The film - based on a book series which I'm now interested in reading - provides an interesting and fresh take on vampires. In this world there are the "mostly human" and rational Moroi vampires along with the bestial, berserk Strigoi vampires. The thing is that Moroi turn into Strigoi if they murder another person, so the Moroi have to resist any urge to kill while remaining on guard those of their own that succumb to the dark side.

Despite the cornball title - a sarcastic nickname for St. Vladimir's that Rose uses - the film sets a serious tone that's somewhat balanced by Rose's glib remarks. Still, however, the movie feels a little too serious; it could use some lighter moments or just some actual chill time by the main characters; not every second of film has to be advancing the overall plot. My other gripe is that the action sequences are roughly done. Otherwise, though, the film's interesting characters, interesting scenario, and interesting mystery make it worth checking out!