Warriors of Future: C+

Warriors of Future: C+

This oddly-named Netflix movie looks gorgeous but it doesn't have much bite.

The well-worn premise is that in the future, environmental pollution has created the perfect breeding ground for an alien kudzu monster to start growing out of control.

A team of power-suited soldiers must deliver a bomb of sorts to the root of the plant monster while battling alien bugs and renegade robot mechs.

The special effects are really well-done and cool, particularly those involving various aircraft and mechs.

The movie is non-stop implausible action filled with last-moment saves and narrow escapes, so much so that it feels very low-stakes rather than engaging. "Eh, they'll be fine."

A quirky side note: along with the odd title, there are some unfortunate character names. In the backstory, one of the soldiers lost his little girl to environmental pollution illness. Her name was Sissy. He saves another little girl during the movie. Her name is Pansy. :grimace:

For me Warriors of Future was worth watching for the cool vehicles and mechs. It's suitable for younger viewers as well (officially it's TV-14 but I'd say TV-12) and I think they'd prolly enjoy it. Just look elsewhere for your gritty, taut action.